Welcome to our site! We will be sure to keep you guys & girls posted on our program with each step we take as we build and get ready to bring you greatness.

Here is Two of our best picks to begin our program! We’re excited due to the resemblance they hold to one another. Ego is looking good at 12 weeks, with Shego trailing behind him at 9 weeks. We’re currently waiting on Egos paperwork to come back so we can know what his bloodline is exactly; Shego on the other hand is 50% gotti/ 50% razor edge (old school line).


Ego @ 12 weeks UKC registered (Blue & white)
Mac @ 20 weeks no papers (All white)
Vision @ 24 weeks no papers (orange brindle)


Shego @ 9 weeks ABKC registered (Blue & white) 50% Gotti 50% Razor Edge
Dreka @ a year and a half UKC registered (Champagne Tri)


A stud Fee will be set after Egos first breeding/litter touches the ground.


We are currently expecting a litter from our Dam Dreka whom we bred to Fire & ice 1st bulliezs Sire Rico suave. The pups should be here by the end of December. We’ll keep you informed until then.

Payment method(s)

Apple Pay , cash app(s), & Cash (certain circumstances)

Thank you so much for helping make our day so wonderful! We appreciate you stopping by our site to see what we have to offer! Please feel free to contact us.

Artez Sheppard & Ashley Santiago



Artez: 302-546-9599

Ashley: 302-500-1808

IG: Know.Guddkennel FB: Know Gudd Kennel

  • Welcome!!
    Hello, first I’d like to thank you all for lending us a moment of your time of course. We’re excited to get our program off the ground, but, it’s never a race. With that being said, we’ve touched base on a few things already if you’ve been keeping up with us thus far you’re aware;Continue reading “Welcome!!”
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